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My wife and best friend asked if it would be nice to head down to Flordia for a long weekend and take my Midge. knew that if a man is driving this sports car is really a shift of many good-looking ladies and hot. go early in the morning on Thursday and after a trip of 7 hours to get to the beach and in the checked directly on the beach hotel will receive. After a shower, they go to dinner at a local club that has live music after 2100. My wife called me from the club and said everything was great and the music began to receive and were certainly not much to dance with some cute guys. did not want to know anything about it until Friday at noon and I realized his voice was tired. She said she did not rise until nearly sun loungers. The music was great, do not even have to buy a drink and dance until their feet were too tired to continue. said there are certainly cute guys want to take home manybut managed to crocoporn keep in line, but returned this evening to night entertaining. I had helped my wife pack, so I knew I was full of sexy clothes and had planned to take them all. His friend was also a crocoporn real eye-catcher and as he walked to his clothes were sexy and do not cover much of her great body. , I received a call around midnight, and my wife told me I had two good guys who crocoporn wanted to take home, but wanted to make sure to hit well with it. Of course, I said go for it and spend some time tell me all hot and the next day. You have to call back around crocoporn noon and said that both his name and had a sexy night, the guys have fucked all night and more than a point that changed lovers and began to pick up again and again. said his friend was really into the sex they wanted, and got two guys at once. My wife just said, if they could do the same ( they had more than once during the night ) to said they had a confussion and hoped that I would go crazy. He said to give a moment of the night, when he saw his friend a blowjob to her friend and I was hot and I reached out and slid his fingers in my pussy wet his fingers and gently began. She thought it was my friend, and when she complained, she asked him to continue. He said it was me and not him. She was surprised, but I pushed back it down and guided my fingers in my pussy and held it there, shaking his hips back and forth. I managed to get it and how it is prepared to shoot his load of semen on my fingers that had crocoporn leaned forward and put my mouth and tongue deep into her pussy. This led to the top, and when he sucked his friends with a great climax, her pussy and began to spend to reach a large CLIMATES shooting his cum all over my mouth and face. Since this is my first experience with another girl, I must say I was very excieting and was before the nightthe four of us were eating crocoporn and sucking each other until they had more energy crocoporn to continue. She said that she could know how much his load of cum about 10 times before taking the kids. , not many kids want to spend the night goodnight to the children and showered together and slept together naked. While she said she liked the soft touch of her boyfriend having sex, and I really love to have a hard cock driving into her pussy and be happy with two cocks at the same time. I said the boys were back on the following evening and wanted to have a nice dinner and see where it leads in the evening. his friend had never had sex with another woman and also put into it and both agreed that this trend will continue, as they enjoyed really satisfy hard cocks. that is through a hot night when stay tuned Flordia other.
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